Rates & Terms

Use of Rooms & Conduct of Clients

The consulting rooms are to be used in a professional manner. Each occupant must take responsibility for the safety and behaviour of their client, especially in the communal areas.

Please use the ‘consultation in progress’ notice on your door.

Pets are not allowed in the building.

Registration & Keys

A set of keys will be provided for your use for a £20.00 returnable deposit. If these are mislaid, you must let us know immediately. In the event that the security of the premises has been compromised, this may require replacement of the locks for which you would also be liable.  Please do not under any circumstances put the address on any key ring or fob.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Hove therapy rooms management will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the rooms (the rooms and common parts will be cleaned weekly), and for the provision of tissues, lavatory paper and cleaning materials.

Rooms are to be left clean and tidy at the end of each session, and in the state in which you would expect to find them: This is a courtesy both to our colleagues and to our clients.

Should you have cause to complain about the condition in which you find the room at any time, please bring this to our attention.

Breakages and indelible marks should be reported immediately.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hrs notice in order to cancel a booking you have made. Bookings will remain in place and you will be charged the full rental rate if your cancellation request is within 24 hours of the booking start time.


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